31 Mar 2022

This app pays and accept people worldwide

Today am introducing an app that pays And accept people all over the world.
As we all know it is very hard to find an app that accept people all over the world most of the small task survey app only accept people from the Tier 1 country.
Countries like United States , Canada Argentia, Europe e.t.c.

But this particular app accept people from wherever they might  be coming from
The name of the app is quicrypto.
Quicrypto is a short task app whereby  participants were paid to do small task like watching video, playing game, downloading offers and surveys.
They pay you in ts, you can then convert your PTC to any cryptocurrency you like

Steps to start working on quicrypto
1. Go to play store and download
2. Register with your email and verify your account
3. Put this as your referral code 527499
4. Register
5. After you register watch the first three videos that will be shown on your dashboard
6. Start accumulating points, when you get store 100000 OTC you cannot convert into anything to currency you like.

7. To start doing offer, please on the offer wall that will be shown on you, just like the image below.


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