1 May 2022


I know everyone want his or her computer to be safe and  free from malware, virus and all sort programmes that can interrupt the normal function of his computer, in this tutorial, we will be looking at 3 major Microsoft recommendation to make your computer secured, any day, any time.

but before we go into that let's see some reason while your computer must be malware or virus free. Your  

Computer Being Infected Affect Your Business. 

when a tools being used for a particular business is not functioning again, the business will not go on smoothly as it suppose.an infected computer can cripple your operation or causes a devastating damage beyond control.

If your company or business is the type that completely depend on computer for her operation. when the computer is infected that mean no more business until the problem is being rectified. 

Botnetting is Possible With an Infected Computer.

 Botnet is  a large number of devices being control from a central sources. when hacker needed different devices to carry some malicious activities. They send out malware through websites link, downloaded files and executable files. So any computer being infected by their malware will be under the control of such hacker to be used for another purpose not authorized by the system owner.

 You Might Give up Sensitive Information to Strangers.

One of the reasons why it’s so important to be vigilant about smartphone permissions is that granting permissions to an app can expose data about your friends. There have been many cases of apps harvesting everyone from a user’s contact book, then uploading their numbers and other data to their own servers.

In some cases, they’ll even sell the contact info to advertisers. You wouldn’t give your friends' phone numbers to shady salesmen, so you don’t want to hand them out to advertisers either.

 Now what can you do to secured your computer at all time according to Microsoft recommendation?

 Turn On and Update Window Defender

Windows Defender is a software application that safeguards a system from malware. It was an anti-spyware program built to fight unauthorized access and protect Windows computers from unwanted software. Window defender is a default on window OS but needed to be turn in other to be activated.

Steps to Turn on and Updates window Defender.

(1) Click on start

(2) Click  on Control panel

(3) Click on System and Security

(4) Then Window firewall

(5) Click on Turn window firewall on/off at the left hand side of the open window 

Finally click ok

(7) Go Back to start Button and type firewall update. then click on update.


Install an Antivirus on Your computer
Anti-virus is a security program you install on your
computer or mobile device to protect it from getting infected

by malware.

Antivirus are powerful software  design for the purpose of protecting your computer from being infected, catching previously installed malware from your computer so that you can remove them. if your really want your computer to be protected install antivirus on it.

you really want to know more about antivirus   here for a detail tutorial


Update Windows Always

There are huge benefit in updating your OS

Some of which are:

You get all the new features as soon as they are released. No waiting.
2. Security patches are installed automatically keeping your system secure.
3. Eliminates the hassles of downloading and installing updates manually.

When you fail to update your OS, you might expose your computer to malware attack which may disrupt the proper functionality of your system.





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