2 May 2022

 Simplest Way to Solve Your Computer Problem

Most of the time when our computer encounter some problems, we go through a lot of processes to solve those problems, sometimes those problem were solve. Some  other time the problem become so complicated that you have to visit an Engineer.

In this tutorial i will show you one of the easiest way to solve non complicated computer problems. 

So let's go.

This method I called "Restoring to the Previous State"(RPS)

 What this method does is that,  It restore your computer to the previous state before it start malfunctioning.

let's say your computer have been working properly, but suddenly it start misbaving.Just go ahead and restore back to the previous state before it start misbehaving.

Now, how do we do this?

 Step 1.Go to start

Step 2. Type system restore in the search box and select it from the result list.

Step 3. Click Next in the first window.


Step 4. Select the restore point on the following box and click Next.


.Step 5. Confirm and click Finish to restore computer settings to previous date.






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